Curriculum vitae

I am a quantitative ecologist that specializes in the application of modeling tools to the field of conservation and natural resource management. Much of my work is centered on different aspects of management such as developing science-based management prescriptions tailored to specific objectives or optimizing monitoring design to measure and inform management responses. This work often requires the melding of population dynamics with the human interface. I am the sole owner of Biometric Research that provides research and quantitative support to natural resource agencies and academics around the world.

I specialize in three main areas:

  1. Estimation methods such as likelihood and Bayesian techniques.  These tools allow for the customization of analysis to maximize the inference potential of field data.
  2. Stochastic simulation to optimize monitoring design and analysis methods.  Even the most extravagant analysis cannot fix an inappropriate design.
  3. Simulation models to develop science-based hypotheses about expected system responses to management actions.  This type of modeling is a useful way to synthesize information and make explicit the assumptions that we make when predicting outcomes of management prescriptions.

My goal with this work is to reduce uncertainty in the management of natural resources and promote a more transparent and explicitly science-based management process.

You can learn more about my work by visiting my LinkedIn site at:


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