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Virtual ecologist module #2: occupancy model design trade-offs

The Virtual Ecologist method is a form of stochastic simulation where the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data are simulated. This post is the second module of the Virtual Ecologist blog series. The first module was an introduction to using … Continue reading

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Using movement information to approximate population closure for mark-recapture sampling designs:

Abundance of animals in an area (i.e. density) is one of the most basic population parameters desired in applied ecology. Many methods have been developed to estimate abundance within an area such as mark-recapture; however, it is often unclear the … Continue reading

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Is there an easy method to reduce bias in fish growth parameter estimates resulting from size-selective sampling?

Describing the growth of fish is important for population modeling, particularly when evaluating policy options for fisheries management.  The most common way to describe the growth of fish is with a von Bertalanffy growth curve, but estimates of growth parameters … Continue reading

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